vizage-icon vizage

What is Vizag?

Vizag is an application to book beauty services at salons or experts in an electronic, easy, safe way

Is the app inclusive of all beauty services?

Vizag includes many fields and beauty experts such as (makeup, hair, nails, skin care.. and many more)

Is the application used in all regions of the Kingdom?

Yes, the application is used in all regions of the Kingdom

vizage-icon Account & Registration Mechanism

What data are required to register in the Visage application?

Personal data such as: name, mobile number, email and password

vizage-icon Find a service/service provider

How do I search for a specific service or service provider in the application?

Through the search box at the top of the home page by clicking on the icon and writing the name of the required service or the name of the service provider

vizage-icon Bookings

What is the express reservation service?

It is a service that enables you to send a request to service providers in your area to book a service and provide it on the same day